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When Dr. B. Alsabbagh inquires about your canines, rest assured it's not a reference to your furry friends. In the realm of dentistry, "canine" is synonymous with cuspid, those pointed teeth that reside on each side of your mouth.

These teeth, often known as "eye teeth," play a pivotal role in shaping your bite and facilitating essential functions. Issues with your cuspid teeth can impact both your ability to eat and speak clearly. While you can explore dental anatomy on our website, only a dentist like Dr. B. Alsabbagh can diagnose and address dental concerns. If you suspect any problems with your cuspid teeth, don't hesitate to schedule a consultation.

Cuspids are present in both the upper and lower jaws, situated between your flat incisors at the front and the compact premolars at the rear. For a simpler identification method, stand before a mirror and smile – a cuspid is the third tooth from the center, either to the left or right. Typically, these teeth are the last to emerge, usually around ages 11 or 12, playing a crucial role in maintaining proper tooth alignment during your growth.

You might notice the pointed appearance of your canines, reminiscent of fangs. Just like our animal counterparts, these sharp teeth are used for tearing food during consumption. They are exceptionally robust, featuring longer roots than any other human teeth, making them well-suited for their task.

Given the significant role cuspids play in tooth spacing and your ability to bite and chew effectively, any issues during their development can be quite serious. Regrettably, cuspids are the second most likely type of tooth, after wisdom teeth, to become impacted – obstructed from erupting properly. Depending on the degree of impaction, Dr. B. Alsabbagh may recommend:

  • Orthodontic devices like braces to create additional space
  • Extraction of adjacent teeth to facilitate cuspid emergence
  • In extreme cases, extraction of the impacted cuspid

If extraction becomes necessary, Dr. B. Alsabbagh will likely recommend treatments to adjust the surrounding teeth to fill the void.

For adults, the cuspid eruption stage has likely already passed, hopefully without complications. However, parents with children approaching their 11th birthday should monitor the development of these four "fangs" closely. Remember that regular dental check-ups are essential for both adults and children to ensure the long-term health and enduring smiles of all teeth.

To explore further or schedule an appointment with Dr. B. Alsabbagh at Damaski Dental Centre, please reach out to us at 289-814-8666. Our dental office is conveniently located at 2575 Dundas St. West, Suite 3 in Mississauga, ON.

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